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Ométhoate / Folimat / Clxvi 40% Ec, 18% Ec, 10% Ec

Informations de base

Modèle:  1803

Description du produit

N ° de Modèle: 1803 Source: Synthèse organique Mode: Insecticide systémique N ° CAS: 7758-29-4 Mf: Na5p3o10 Forme: Poudre Nm: Jsw_3 Marque: Eminent Origine: Chine (continentale) Apparence: Liquide Toxicité de Haute et Basse: Faible Toxicité des Réactifs Effet Toxicologique: Agents Respiratoires No Einecs: 231-838-7 Couleur: Blanc Pureté: 99% Min Nom: Ométhoate / Folimat / Clxvi 40% Ec, 18% Ec, 10% Ec Spécification: SGS / CIQ Code SH: 29221990 \ nMethoate & sol; folimat & sol; CLXVI 40 & percnt; EC, 18 & percnt; EC, 10 & percnt; EC \ n & lpar; agrochimique CAS NO & période; 1113-02-6: insecticide & sol; pesticide & rpar; \ n \ n

Common name

Omethoate/folimat/ CLXVI


O,O-dimethyl S-methylcarbamoylmethyl phosphorothioate;
O,O-dimethyl S-(2-methylamino)-2-oxoethyl phosphorothioate;



Molecular formula



1.Melting Point:135C (decomposes when distilled);
2.Vapour Pressure:2.5 × 10 -5 mm Hg at 20C
3.Appearance:Colorless to slightly yellowish oil
4.SOLUBILITY IN WATER AND SOLVENTS : readily soluble in water,
alcohol and acetone; slightly soluble in ethyl ether; almost insoluble
in petroleum ether.
5.STABILITY : Stability to hydrolysis: half-life period, 611 hours at pH 7 and 24C.
The velocity of decomposition of the active ingredient is essentially greater
at higher temperatures or at Ph values 8-10.


Acute oral LD 50 to rat is 30-60mg/kg, for mouse 30-40mg/kg;
acute dermal LD 50 for rats is 1400mg/kg; Dreathing-in LD 50 for rat is
1520mg/kg 3 hour, TLM for fish (carp) is more than 500 ppm (96 hours).


Systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action
control of spider mites, aphids(including woolly aphids), beetles, caterpillars,
scale insects, thrips, suchers, fruit flies, etc. on fruit, hops, cereals, rice,
potatoes, ornamentals, and other crops


1.Do not mix with alkline substance.
2.Send to the hospital whenever poisoned symptoms found, can be used.
3.Stored in normal condition, the period of guarantee quality is two years.
\ n

Groupes de Produits : Pesticides & Insecticides

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