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Fomesafen (95% TC, 25% SL, 42% SL, 20% CE, 12,5% ME)

Informations de base

Modèle:  1802

Description du produit

N ° de Modèle: 1802 Source: Synthèse organique Mode: Insecticide systémique N ° CAS: 7758-29-4 Mf: Na5p3o10 Forme: Poudre Nm: Jsw_3 Marque: Eminent Origine: Chine (continentale) Apparence: Liquide Toxicité de haut et de bas: Faible Toxicité des réactifs Effet toxique: Agents respiratoires Numéro Einecs: 231-838-7 Couleur: Blanc Pureté: 99% Nom min .: Fomesafen Spécification: SGS / CIQ Code SH: 29221990 \ n

Product Name


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight








Melting point


Refractive index



A herbicide for use in leguminous crops for post-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds .
Selective, absorbed by leaves and roots



 Physico-chemical properties  

The pure product is white crystal.
Melting point:220-221.
Vapour pressure:0.1×10-3Pa(at  50).Dissolved in a variety of organic solvent.The solubility of water
is according to PH.The solubility in water is more than 10gm/l,when PH is between 1-2,the solubility
in water is more than 600g/l when PH is 7.


 Its low-toxin on higher animal. For big rat,the acute oral (LD50)is 1600mg/kg(female) and 1250-2000mg/kg(male),for rabbit,the acute dermal(LD50) is more than 1000mg/kg.


Fomesafen is a herbicide Widey used for the prevention and cure of weed of broadleaf for soyabean,fruittree,rubber etc.Destroying photosynthesis of weed, and has a special-effect for
weed of euphorbia sp,chenopodium abbum,abution theoplati,xanthium pennsyluanicum,sida sp,
bidens sp,ipomoea purpurea,ambrosia sp, siesbania exultala,amaranthus retroflexus,special to
amaranthus tricolor,and chenopodium abbum etc.


Post-emergence diphenyl ether herbicide used for early control of broad-leaf weeds in soybean
and other legume crop
1. Fluorine sulfa-drugs grass in the soil in the ether and the validity of long, as there is on the high
side, the second years of planting sensitive crops, such as cabbage, millet, sorghum, beet, maize,
millet, flax etc all has different rate in the recommended dose phytotoxicity, don't turn plowed
corn, sorghum, have a mild effect. Strict control should be discontinued after choose security crop.
2. Use in an orchard, never will solution spray to leaves.
3. The grass on the soybean fluorine sulfa-drugs ether safety, but for corn, sorghum, vegetable crops sensitive, when applying pesticide note don't pollution these crops, lest produce phytotoxicity.
4. The large amount, high temperature or the spraying, soybeans or peanut may produce burns sexual medicine spot, usually after a few days to restore normal growth, do not affect production.
\ n \ n \ n \ nEmballage et expédition \ n \ nConditionnement personnalisé selon les demandes et période du client; \ n1 & period; Emballage solide: 25g par sac, 30g, 50g, 100 grammes, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 200kg, 250Kg etc & period; \ n2 & period; Emballage liquide: 30ml par bouteille, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500ml, 1 L, 5L, 20Lt, 200 Lt, 1000 Lt etc. & période; \ n

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